Lawyer and legal advisor

Njoud Abdullah Qasim

Lawyer licensed by the Ministry of Justice (License No. 41938)

She holds a Bachelor of Laws from King Abdulaziz University, with distinction with first class honors

Our vision

Leadership and distinction in legal work to preserve the rights of individuals and groups, and to increase culture and legal awareness.

Our Mission

Providing distinguished legal services that are compatible with the best local and international practices and developments, using the latest smart applications, in order to achieve justice and the private and public interest.

What defines us

  • Provides all specialties and legal services.
  • Transparency.
  • Speed ​​up the work.
  • Keep customers informed of developments continuously.

Rate US

  • Professional.
  • integrity.
  • Credibility.

Scientific expertise

  • Training experience in all courts and majors.
  • American Board Certified Expert in Criminal Cases and Cybercrime.
  • An international expert and certified specialist in combating money laundering crimes, registered in the League of Arab and African States.
  • Expert in judicial and quasi-judicial committees, public prosecution, police departments, and administrative and criminal investigations.
  • Legal advisor for companies, commercial agencies and brokerage accredited by the American Institute for Quality and Accreditation and the American International University for Advanced Studies.
  • Expert in drafting international contracts accredited by ACLAHR.
  • An accredited international court and restricted in the lists of arbitration experts and contracts from the American Council on International Law and Arbitration.
  • Certified trainer.


  • Member of the Federation of European Chambers of Experts in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Founding member of the Afro-Asian Federation for International Arbitration and Contract Administration.
  • Member of the Takamul Initiative for Legal Aid.
  • Member of the Traham Association.
  • Member of the Family Protection Association.
  • Member of the Child Protection Association Foundation.
  • Member of the Society of Arts and Culture.
  • Writer of articles and posts in newspapers and magazines, in addition to participating in television and radio programs.